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In taking her skills to the professional level, Sharon decided to talk with experts in the field, and most directed her to NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers. As a member in good standing, Sharon continues to develop new skills and techniques by attending NAPO’s annual conferences and by training and interacting with other organizers.  As a member of the St. Louis chapter of NAPO, Sharon stays up to date with best practices and is training towards the Certified Professional Organizer designation.

Of course, the most fulfilling part of being a professional organizer is meeting and working with clients. The positive results of the organizing process are almost immediate and very satisfying, and that's what makes Fixed Assets so fun! Please read our Projects & Results page for a few examples.

Fixed Assets can help you get organized and stay organized. Submit a request from our Contact page or call us today at 314.604.0434 or 314.968.7583.

Back in the 90's, Sharon Johnson, President of Fixed Assets, LLC recognized a common condition and realized she had been gifted with the ability to do something about it almost everyone would benefit from a more organized life. After a long career in commercial banking and through personal experiences, Sharon understands that people in all walks of life are robbed of precious time and peace of mind because they are overwhelmed by their possessions and the constant barrage of data that floods everyday life. In short, their Assets could use a little Fixing!

As a commercial banker, Sharon learned the benefit of an organized office. It was normal to speak with 15 customers a day, meet withseveral more, and work on the credit files of a few others. Time wasalways a valuable commodity, and the best use of time was largelydependent on the organization and management of the data associated with each customer. Whetherdigging information out of a paper file, a computer database, a phone index, or an internet site, work was more enjoyable and more productive when Sharon could readily find the data she needed.

At home and in Sharon's previous position as an office manager, themessage was a similar one. Owning things that aren't being used is a drag on how things look, feel and operate. Not being able to display or access the possessions that do have a purpose is annoying. Peace of mind is affected by how orderly or disorderly the surroundings are. Being organized is much better than not being organized!

Organizational skills are highly sought after and can increase not only our productivity but our overall enjoyment of life. In forming Fixed Assets LLC, Sharon decided to repackage those highly sought after organizing skills into a suite of services deliverable to both residential and commercial clients. Sharon can help you get organized, period!

National Association of Professional Organizers
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