Reorganize your Closet
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  The senior pastor looked to me to also manage the packing and storing of 65% of the church’s assets during renovation! Read More

Fixed Assets started the decluttering process in the kitchen, and Sharon eventually worked her way through closets, a home office, and several other areas of the house. There is still work to be done, but these older adults have some newfound freedom and will soon be ready for greener pastures.
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Temporary Move for Graduate School
When this client made a decision to leave town for a couple of years to attend graduate school, the move presented her with a wonderful opportunity to get her house in order and possibly rent it during her absence.  She had a deadline that called for the help of a professional organizer, and she hired Fixed Assets for the job. 

Part of the transition process required that they clear the second floor of the house for a bathroom makeover and upgrades to other rooms, so this was a three-pronged effort:  decluttering, renovation, pack and move.  The client also wanted to organize her personal and business files, so there was much to be done.

In the six-week timeframe, Sharon and her client were able to accomplish most of their goals, making decisions about what to take to graduate school and what to leave behind.  Files were upgraded, historical keepsakes were properly stored in archival boxes, and renovations were finished.  Many items were given away or thrown away, and the moving van was packed and ready to go, on schedule.
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 Community Church Renovation
A suburban St. Louis church recently added a new wing and renovated 50% of its existing space, a project which required moving seven staff members offsite and completely clearing the area to be renovated. The furnishings and equipment that were moved out had to be stored onsite for easy access in case they were needed for temporary use. Since the church continued to meet in the remaining portions of the building while the project was underway, the big move had to take place in about a week. Fixed Assets was called on to organize this move and to provide oversight for the 75 volunteers who helped.

Working with the pastor, business administrator, and other staff members, Sharon put together a timetable, ordered storage pods and Storage Pods for Large Projectsmoving equipment, and coordinated the volunteer labor force. Items were sorted, discarded, and donated. Boxes were packed and fixtures were dismantled. The end result was that 15 rooms full of furniture and equipment were emptied, the contents were carefully stored in five large containers, and the renovation project began on time.
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College Dorm Set-Up
Situation: Two football players moving into a Wash U dorm for their first semester of college - big guys, lots of stuff, small space! Sharon was called in to help a very organized mom make it all fit. They raised the beds to provide storage underneath, purchased containers and shelving, and found the best spots for bulky items. They folded and hung and straightened, and the next thing you know, the young men were ready for class.
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Senior Downsize
A couple who had been married for more than 50 years and had lived in the same house for much of that time needed to downsize and declutter. These senior citizen clients wanted to let go of things they no longer valued or used, and they wanted to get their home in better shape for the real estate market. They were interested in finding a smaller home on one level with fewer maintenance requirements and less stress. They wanted to live a little!
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