1. One 10’ x 17’ dorm room for two college freshman boys with enough stuff to furnish a small house....this situation screamed for Fixed Assets help. Sharon's organizational skills and space planning know-how made the guys’ room the unofficial model for the rest of the dorm!

College Mom
2. As the Children's Ministries Director for my church, I was faced with the task of vacating five classrooms and my office, putting most of the contents in storage pods. Then I had to decide what items to use for a condensed, 20-week ministry in one open area. Did I mention this had to happen in one week? Sharon brought the foresight, wisdom and patience that made this happen unbelievably smoothly. The best part about working with her is that she works steadily with a very positive attitude. I don't think anything about organization or disorganization fazes her!"

Children’s Minister

3. As the business administrator at my church, tracking a $2.3 million expansion and renovation project and moving the offices of seven staff members offsite for six months was stretching me very thin. When the senior pastor looked to me to also manage the packing and storing of 65% of the church’s assets during renovation, I knew I needed help! I’m not sure who thought of Sharon, but she quickly assumed the role of guardian angel. She took charge of organizing and storing our furnishings, equipment, and other assets. She researched what type of storage modules would work best, purchased carts and racks to move and store tables and chairs, and set up a system to retrieve items as needed. No matter how many volunteers showed up to help at any given time, Sharon seemed to have meaningful jobs for each one to do. We give her the highest endorsement and our heartfelt thanks!

Business Administrator
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4. When our church was in the middle of a major construction and renovation project, it was required that we vacate much of the building. The prospect of organizing and moving everything into storage in such a way that would allow for a smooth return six months later was daunting, to say the least. We knew we needed someone with expertise (and a calming influence!) at the helm, and Sharon Johnson was that person. Thanks Sharon!

Gary Brooks

5. We have lived in our home since 1970, and things seem to accumulate! Sharon went through the kitchen cabinet by cabinet, and when all was said and done, we had given away the items we no longer needed, thrown away the stuff that no longer had a purpose, and organized the rest. Then Sharon moved on to the other areas of the house – closets, laundry room, office, garage. We’re glad she was there to get us going and keep us on track.

The Smiths

6. Getting ready to move is like trying to eat an elephant; one bite at a time. No matter how organized you may be, the task is overwhelming. I had six weeks to get ready, but when I looked at everything that I had to do, I knew I needed help. I was lucky enough to come across Sharon Johnson of Fixed Assets.

Looking at Sharon you might not believe she is capable of moving mountains - mountains of paper, carloads of clothing, unwanted household items, stacks of boxes of books and furniture. She wrapped, she boxed, she schlepped, she purged and packed. She made lists, ran errands, brought supplies, labeled and marked. And like that famous fuzzy bunny that never runs down, she has endless energy.

Not only does she possess amazing energy and stamina, she has the ability to keep her client focused on the task at hand, one day at a time. She invested herself in helping me organize my life and my earthly possessions as I set my sights on a new direction.

Thank you, Sharon!
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